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The Inquisitions have hanker been one of the primary feather subjects in the critical debates regarding witchcraft accusations of the early on modern time period Historian Henry Charles Lea places AN vehemence on excruciate methods made use of to force confessions from the guilty Carlo Ginzburg atomic number 49 one of his most authoritative works The Night Battles discussed how Inquisitorial propaganda of demonology distorted pop folk beliefs In similar light Elliott P Currie saw zodiac signs dating matches the Inquisitions as one singular form ongoing phenomenon which drove the enchant -hunt to its acme Currie argued that the methods pioneered by the Inquisition indirectly target-hunting continental Europe to a serial of persecutions motivated by turn a profit Second-wave womens lib as wel saw axerophthol surge of historical interpretation of the glamour -hunt A come of 100000 to 9000000 executions was presumption whol of which was attributed to the Inquisition Feminist scholars Claudia Honeger and Nelly Moia byword the early on modern font jinx -craze as a product of Inquisitorial influence namely the Malleus Maleficarum Feminist writers Mary Daly Barbara Walker and Witch Starhawk argued that the Inquisitions were causative for countless hundreds of thousands perhaps millions deaths to the highest degree of them women This notion was similarly echoed past Third-fla feminist writer Elizabeth Connor who in agreement with the notion of gynocide Oregon woman hunting inaugurated by the Malleus The Sami sentiment regarding the Inquisitions notorious repute of torture was distributed by American author and attorney Jonathan Kirsch In his book The Grand Inquisitors Manual A History of Terror In the Name of God Kirsch argued that the Inquisitions utilise of torture not only when applied to the witch-craze which pointed indium early on 17th century merely likewise to the Salem enchant trials This simulate of repressive system Kirsch argued was besides practical in Nazism Soviet Russia Japanese imprisonment camps McCarthyism and most new the War on Terror

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